Nov 29, 2009

Spain Travel Guide - Through Pictures

Spain is the place to be if you’re into history, culture, partying or simply sightseeing. Oh yes, Spain is all about tourism. See for yourself! These pictures will be your travel guide.


Party Hard

One of four Islands in the archipelago called the Balearic Islands. Ibiza is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. I just love these sunny shallow waters.

Image Source: MAPLR

If partying is your thing, Spain is your home. Ibiza and other surrounding islands in the Mediterranean Sea will wear you out with excitement on your vacation!

Image Source: Ibiza Spotlight

Camp Nou – The Football Stadium

Canary Islands

This 5-star stadium is the largest in Europe. It hosted the 1999 UEFA Champions League and several concerts by the likes of Frank Sinatra, U2, Madonna and Pavarotti.  

Image Source: The Off Side

Fish shoal near the Canary Islands, which is another popular archipelago for vacations. This is why I wish I lived underwater.

Image Source: Mirror AU

Majorca Garden

Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família / "Expiatory Church of the Holy Family"

This painting, which shows Spain at her best, needs to no explanation. It’s pure beauty.

Image Source: Eric Thompson

Its construction was started in 1882 and it will finish in 2026. That’s simply overwhelming. This huge catholic church is privately-funded and showcases exceptional décor.

Image Source: Art Dot Com

Guggenheim Museum

Sierra Nevada Mountains

Exceptional exhibits of modern and contemporary art rest within this abstract building, which inspired similar buildings around the world.

Image Source: E-architect

A small lake in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, where the sun meets the snow. This tourist spot is also a great place to ski.

Enlarge Image: Astronomy Notes

Cave of Altamira

Flat White Beaches All the Way

Take a tour of pre-historic cave drawings of wildlife as old as 18,500 years are found preserved. No wonder it’s been declared a World Heritage Site by the UN.

Enlarge Image: ExPasy

The warm weather and white sand makes for a perfect getaway.

Image Source: LA Trobe

Cathedral of San Salvador


This is a piece of history on its own. It was founded in 781 and developed by several generations of kinds. Several Saints and Queens were buried here alongside their royal relics.

Image Source: Getty Images

A series of palaces built by Muslim and Christian rulers over the centuries is a major tourist attraction for it represents the legacy of Muslim and Christian architecture and politics. Yet another World Heritage Site.  

Image Source: Chotto Sukidakara

Churros – The Sausage Donut

Roman Theatre in Mérida

These Spanish Donuts are a popular snack in the Caribbean as well. They look delicious!  

Image Source: Taco Barn Mexican Food

Gladiators fought to death and actors brought alive the theatre while hundreds of spectators looked on in this theatre, which dates back to 15 B.C. Another World Heritage Site built by the Roman Empire.

Enlarge Image: Theodora

Tagus River

Alcázar of Segovia/ Segovia Castle

The longest river in Spain is famous for its beauty. An old song goes, ‘"My hair getting white, the Tagus is always young"

Enlarge Image: Wikipedia

This majestic castle was built alongside rivers by Christian Rulers way back in the 1100s. It certainly doesn’t look like other castles (it has a bow like a ship!) and has been used as a fortress, prison, and a royal palace.

Image Source: Wyntons World

Where exactly is Spain?

Spain is located in southern Europe, right below France and next to Portugal.  

So if you’re planning a trip to Spain as part of business travel or your much-deserved vacation, make sure you visit all these sites and taste the country’s true flavor. Its warm sunny beaches, bustling night life, and historical significance have made Spain perfect for travel and tourism.