Jun 1, 2010

Solar Power in Asia

The solar power wave is quickly traveling across Asia, where Mumbai City's administration may require all new buildings to install solar panels on their roofs and feed the power-hungry economy (read news item). However, India isn't the first Asian economy to promote the widespread use of solar power, since Bangladesh has it's own story to tell. 

Grameen Shakti, a sister concern of Grameen Bank is involved in building home solar systems for the poor across Bangladesh. Traditionally, the cost of solar power has been rather expensive, making it difficult for the masses to adopt this technology. However, Grameen Shakti, with the help of the World Bank, has developed a cost-effective solution that has allowed this solar power to reach thousands of poor rural and urban dwellers. 

At the same time, Grameen Shakti is exploring the carbon development mechanism (CDM) market to sell carbon-offsets to companies in the developed world, in accordance with the Kyoto Treaty.

Clearly, Asian economies are trying to do their bit in the fight for climate change. Not too long ago, it was revealed that Taiwan setup Asia's largest Solar Power Plant.