Jun 28, 2011

Church Plans to Go Green by Installing Solar Panels

So far, numerous parties in commercial setups along with private homeowners have taken up solar energy as an alternative energy source, but the idea is still relatively new to places of worship. However, Coventry Cathedral plans to change that by being the first such setup in Britain, and possibly the world, to install solar panels on its roof, according to The Telegraph.

Although the project is far from the implementation stage, it has gained attention because of the leverage it provides to the renewable energy sector. Churches have the potential to positively influence public opinion in and certainly, greater awareness solar power among church goers will go a long way in the fight towards climate change. In other words, this helps tackle the old problem of energy scarcity and global warming from a new angle.

Agreed, the installation of solar panels upon the rooftop will reduce the church’s energy bill, but that is not the main motivation for the project. Typically, users of solar power systems (aka, photovoltaic systems) have three reasons for their choice:

  • Financial Concern: Long term reduction in electricity bills
  • Environmental Concern: Saving the environment
  • Other: the house or commercial setup may be too far away from the national grid to access traditional electricity, hence some form of alternative energy is used, be it solar power technology or wind power technology.

In the case of Coventry Cathedral, the concern is largely environmental and it’s good to know religious setups are interested in this issue as well.

Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity through photovoltaic cells; hence these systems are often referred to as photovoltaic systems as well.