Jul 2, 2011

India Eager to Adopt Solar Power Projects

It is thrilling to learn that India is also adopting solar power as a viable alternative energy source, especially considering the,
  • prevalence of poverty – solar energy is less costly in the long run and easier to deploy in far off regions where traditional electricity is not an option,
  • high rate of economic development – India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world
  • extent of pollution – dependence on coal and petrol as energy sources for thermal power plants has polluted the skyline in major cities such as New Delhi and Mumbai.
  • the massive energy demand for the hungry economy – industries need a constant energy supply to grow.
All these factors combine to make the use of alternative energy highly economical in the long run, and among different renewable energy sources, solar power tops the charts because India gets plenty of sun.

These solar power projects are still few and far between but the government, along with the private sector is slowly rolling out photovoltaic systems in urban areas. One such instance is the decision to use solar energy to power water pumps within city limits as the high rate of electricity cuts causes severe water shortage in many localities.

This eco-friendly technique, which uses solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity, will not only help cities go green, but also reduce overall cost of maintaining them (in the long run) and reduce the economy’s dependence on coal.

Read more about this initiative at The Times of India website.