Jul 25, 2011

Solar Energy in USA

Solar energy in the USA is pretty prevalent thanks to favorable government legislation. Not only is there plenty of research and development in the area of efficient solar cells and low cost solar panels, but there are numerous solar power stations.

California, for instance, has the largest solar power setup in the world. It goes by the name of Solar Energy Generating Systems and it can produce more than 350 megawatts of solar energy, available for residential and commercial use. This setup includes 9 different solar energy plants which make full use of the sun in the Mohave Desert.

There are several incentives and plans in place to improve the proportion of solar energy in the total US domestic energy consumption pie. One report predicts that solar energy from different technologies could contribute to around 10% in national electricity by 2025. Even though these figures are small, they are certainly a step in the right direction.